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        When Forevermark realized it was imminent that their usual live event would be canceled due to the pandemic, they looked to Eventique to transform their production into a virtual setting. This quickly became the diamond company’s first-ever virtual event, Forevermark Virtual Forum 2020. And, with the changing economy, it gave Forevermark an opportunity to rethink how it would address its retailers and partners during the pandemic.

        Eventique managed Forevermark’s seven sets of presentations, providing retailers and partners advice on “Resurgence and Resilience in the Economy” to “New Rules of Retail Post Pandemic” to social media and marketing tactics. These sessions opened up to an engaging live Q+A forum for attendees, and the President of Forevermark’s opening and closing remarks wrapped the one-day online event into a well-structured forum for those looking for guidance and new ideas.


        • Registration page
        • Private, secure viewing platform
        • Management of speakers and presenters’ at-home set-up, rehearsals and recording
        • Real-time comments functionality with live Q+A following presentations
        • Custom-designed frames, lower thirds, and bumpers
        • Home recording camera kits
        • Full online broadcast production team
        • Creative Director, video + graphic design team
        • Instant on-demand availability


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