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        eventique virtual case study


        The marketing team at Anheuser Busch would host monthly lunch-and-learn style Spark Sessions with various speakers and partners for a small internal group. The marketing team wanted to continue the influential series despite the pandemic, and move to a virtual forum that could maintain the casualness and intimacy that employees were accustomed to.

        Eventique provided a platform to Anheuser Busch that felt like a glorified Zoom meeting — casual, branded, and real-time interactivity. Over a conversation with Josh “The Fat Jewish” Ostrovsky, team members could ask questions of the entrepreneur, moderated by an Anheuser Busch marketing executive. The agency also provided a portal where, consistent with existing Spark Sessions, a giveway was made available via a link to a shipping fulfillment window within the page.


        • No-nonsense registration page
        • Private, secure viewing platform
        • Management of speakers and presenters’ at-home set-up, rehearsals and recording
        • Real-time comments functionality
        • Custom-designed frame
        • On-demand availability


        云南杀人Minutes of The Fat Jewish’s marketing strategy云南杀人




        云南杀人More online viewers than previous live events云南杀人