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        After a decade of producing The Humane Society of the United States’ annual fundraising galas, Eventique and its longtime client faced a new challenge: how to raise much-needed awareness about ending animal cruelty and asking prospective donors for support during a global pandemic.

        With a collaboration established between HSUS and Sidewalk Angels Foundation, Rob and Marisol Thomas came on board as event participants. From that point on, Eventique concepted and produced a telethon-like show, consisting of live engagement with pre-recorded segments to air on Facebook Live, YouTube, the HSUS site, and Twitch to more than 100,000+ viewers.


        • Event concept development and run-of-show
        • Project management
        • Show script and promotional copywriting
        • Creative Direction and full management of graphics and video team
        • Treatment, development and production of show opening video, transitional bumpers, and promotional videos / assets
        • Management of one-on-one interviews, recordings and editing
        • Custom-designed frames and lower thirds
        • Full online broadcast production team
        • Management of pre-show content
        • Viewer engagement
        • Sponsor engagement


        德比之战Minutes of Live Hosting
        By Rob and Marisol during 98-minute show


        德比之战Song Requests + Dedications featuring Rob Thomas, Chris Daughtry and Jason Mraz德比之战


        德比之战Celebrity appearances by Courteney Cox, Sammy Hagar, Kayley Cuoco and more德比之战