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        CaseStudy Event Episerver Main


        For the last three years, the global software company Episerver had staged a branded event in Las Vegas. For its fourth year, the Sweden-based cloud software company approached Eventiqe about moving their annual flagship event (“Ascend”) to a new location to accommodate a higher volume of attendees, and have an on-the-ground team to support the field marketing manager and put a fresh set of eyes on the conference.

        The 600-person event, marketed for clients like Pizza Hut and Uniqlo as well as prospective clients and industry experts, is a combination of content conference and exhibitor trade show where attendees can glean insights about new products and technologies. Ascend consists of four days of back-to-back content; mornings begin with speakers in the main session, evolving into hands-on breakouts and labs that give clients an immersion into coding and development.

        Eventique customized a new stage set, backdrop, and motion graphics for the general sessions. The agency managed the entire setup of each room when it came to branding, AV, and rentals, for about 20 exhibiting sponsors. Eventique managed all meals and curated each catering menu. For evening receptions, Eventique sourced various venues, producing and branding a different sponsor for each evening for clients such as Microsoft.

        For procuring talent, Eventique brought in a custom branded dance show, designed to be inspiring and uplifting. The diverse array of speakers included Kirsten Newbold-Knipp from Gartner, Troy Hunt from Microsoft, and American happiness researcher, Shawn Achor.



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        中国传统著名糕点SERVICES: 中国传统著名糕点

        Stage Design
        Exhibit Displays + Signage
        Design + Decor
        Technical Direction + Production Labor
        Audio, Video, Lighting + Staging
        Venue Sourcing
        Registration Management




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