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        china institute renwen society


        The Chinese Arts Gala was jointly held by the China Institute Renwen Society in New York and the China Foundation for the Development of Social Culture, with sponsorship from China’s oldest liquor brand, Jian Nan Chun Chiew. Eventique was brought in to produce this multifaceted fine art / performance art event, showcasing some of China’s plethora of painters, sculptors, and performers.

        Held in the United Nations’ esteemed Delegates Dining Room, the Chinese Arts Gala offered guests various musical and choreographed performances and kung fu demonstrations while displaying ceramic art and calligraphy. Hundreds of local dignitaries and arts influencers in the New York City area experienced these interactions for the first time, ranging from the most ancient of Chinese traditions to the most contemporary.


        China Institute Renwen Society

        塞尔达火神兽EVENT TYPE: 塞尔达火神兽


        塞尔达火神兽SERVICES: 塞尔达火神兽

        Custom Builds
        Scenic Design
        Exhibit Displays + Signage
        Registration Management
        Logistics + Planning
        Fine Art Management
        Talent Rider Negotiations






        塞尔达火神兽tube station musician hired塞尔达火神兽

        塞尔达火神兽 the day before the event塞尔达火神兽