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        Eventique event with Spotify


        The leading music, podcast, and video streaming service, Spotify, tasked Eventique to produce the company’s “City of Spotify Love” initiative, with its inaugural event designated in Philadelphia.

        With the concept requiring an environment for networking and live music performances, Eventique scouted a centrally-located venue best suited for the mix of talent (DJs Matthew Law and Philly native Jazzy Jeff, plus indie rock band Twin Peaks) and the crowd of executives, brand marketers, media, VIPs and influencers.

        For the design of the room, Eventique took inspiration from the venue’s existing architecture, playing off the horizontal lines of its balcony railings by installing three rows of lights to mirror the streaming waves of Spotify’s logo, leading one’s eyes when entering from the back of the room to the front of the stage. A neon Spotify logo was created for the DJ booth, green fluorescent tubes hung from the room’s center ceiling (which was the signature decor of the photo booth experience), and customized pillows and coasters with playlist codes completed the tasteful branded touches in the space.

        Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed a branded matcha cocktail —?in Spotify green, of course.



        星游记第三季EVENT TYPE: 星游记第三季


        星游记第三季SERVICES: 星游记第三季

        Design + Decor
        Custom Builds
        Interactive Experiences
        Exhibit Displays + Signage
        Registration Management
        Venue Sourcing




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