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        Eventique event with Coty


        Coty is one of the world’s leading beauty companies with a rich entrepreneurial heritage and an iconic portfolio of fragrances, salon, hair, and color cosmetics. After making a major investment in acquiring additional brands, Coty brought their U.S. sales force and retail partners together for a gathering that would encompass 80 brands.

        Eventique handled every aspect of the two-and-a-half-day conference, with the challenge of giving every product line their respective moments. The agency sourced the expansive venue in Arizona, along with local and international entertainment and talent, including world-renowned visual artist, Christina “Starfighter” Angelina. Each of the brand’s identity and aesthetic elements came to life through thoughtful and customized lighting, decor, and signage across the event spaces, with the emphasis on a massive 22’ x 122’ stage set with live projection mapping.

        From day to night, the 250 attendees were taken through deep brand immersions in a main conference center with themed breakout rooms by day, and pool parties, gala dinners, and awards ceremonies by night, where Eventique transformed various locations so that attendees were educated and entertained within the same footprint.



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        Venue Sourcing
        Talent Procurement
        Design + Decor
        Interactive Experiences
        Exhibit Displays + Signage
        Logistics + Planning
        Audio Visual, Lighting + Staging
        Travel + Transportation Management
        Registration Management?


        淘宝送彩票number of participating brands淘宝送彩票


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