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        Peter Millar - Event


        The premium sportswear and lifestyle apparel company Peter Millar asked Eventique to produce its annual Fall collection market showcase during NY Fashion Week. The event consisted of four consecutive days during which Peter Millar’s sales associates invited clients into a dynamic environment displaying pieces from the new collection.

        Eventique designed a 5,000 square-foot room where consistency and sophistication kept each station intimate for meetings while incorporating several “wow” moments. Just outside the ballroom, a regal blue majestic pathway enticed guests to experience the new collection. Once inside, visitors were transported into a bright tunnel of floating sneakers, complete with brilliant orange walls and Peter Millar’s signature shoe sole pattern on the floor.

        Showcasing the overall collection and the details of the individual pieces were paramount. To accomplish this, Eventique designed a troupe of closely-arranged mannequins working together to communicate the collection’s overall appearance. This central exhibit was complemented by supporting displays, including a flock of floating vests and a custom frame where shoes could be showcased up close for versatile visibility.


        Peter Millar

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        Creative Direction
        Storytelling Strategy
        Custom Builds + Fabrication
        Event Design + Decor
        Full Event Management + Production
        Audio Visual + Lighting




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