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        Eventique event with Douglaston Development


        When MNS and Douglaston Development wanted to plan the official launch of their newest property, Level, a 40 story, 554 unit residential tower on the Brooklyn waterfront, they called on Eventique to create an experience that leveraged the features of the property and entertain the real estate industry, media, and prospective tenants inside and outside Williamsburg. 700 guests entering the building were greeted by a 14’ custom wall built with the Level logo out of white roses, a walking floral centerpiece towering 7’+ tall, and a dramatically-lit atrium with a string duet to set the mood.

        On the rooftop, a DJ elevated the vibe as guests were offered food and beverage items that reflected the aesthetics of the residency while immersing the borough and neighborhood, from a local caterer providing full meals in one bite to vendors from the Smorgasburg food market providing pop-ups.

        Custom lighting was installed throughout the interiors to highlight various areas and features of the building, and to compliment the skyline from the panoramic deck. Furniture brought in for the event was a combination of lucite and marble to evoke the minimalist and futuristic design of the property.

        A photo experience, adorned with a “head in the clouds” balloon installation, offered a whimsical moment before guests were whisked away for private tours of the apartments.


        Douglaston Development

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        Logistics + Planning
        Design + decor
        Interactive Experiences
        Strategic Alliances + Partnerships
        Audio Visual, Lighting + Staging
        Technical Direction + Production Labor


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