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        midnight hour


        Eventique was given autonomy to create a private 200+ attendee event at a discreet location in London. What resulted was one of the most theatrical parties that the agency concepted and produced, and generated the highest emotional reactions from guests of any Eventique project.

        It all began with a storyline set in a post-WWII era, in which a reclusive scientist and his actress wife resided in an industrial factory meets English Manor home, where the couple would separately retrieve to one of many rooms throughout the property, depending on their whims.

        Eventique sourced the motherlode of venues: a decommissioned Underground train station. While the space was dramatic, it commanded the agency’s full creative and technical teams to customize, build, fabricate and install every aspect of the event.

        After arriving to the site by vintage double-decker bus, guests were promptly taken out of their reality and below ground to Wythe Manor, where they were directed to Lady Sibyl’s boudoir to change into a Victorian-steampunk costume before venturing into the party.

        A high element of curiosity was required of the guests, who were prompted by the actors and performers casted and scripted by Eventique, from a chemist conducting alchemy studies to the devil’s guardian.

        All guests left the party physically unscathed.



        浙江广厦篮球EVENT TYPE: 浙江广厦篮球


        浙江广厦篮球SERVICES: 浙江广厦篮球

        Event Conceptualization
        Storytelling Strategy
        Talent Procurement
        Creative Direction
        Design + Decor
        Custom Builds
        Interactive Experiences
        Venue Sourcing
        Travel + Transportation Management






        浙江广厦篮球tube station musician hired浙江广厦篮球

        浙江广厦篮球 the day before the event浙江广厦篮球