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        united airlines corporate event


        To officially announce its direct flights from New York to Buenos Aires, United Airlines asked Eventique to transform the Argentine Consulate in midtown Manhattan into a networking-meets-celebratory atmosphere.

        Eventique implemented a floor plan for the event that addressed how there wasn’t a single, large main space for the 125+ attendees to congregate; instead, with the Consulate’s variable rooms, the agency instilled unique experiences in three different rooms, including a tango quartet and international dancers and main stage for a United executive’s announcement. Design and decor of the winged rooms enhanced the Consulate’s Gilded-Age splendor while incorporating the airline’s signature blue with Argentine touches. Branded cocktails with United Airlines’ imagery were served with authentic Argentinean hors d’oeuvres for attendees, who included media, ambassadors, and other VIPs.


        United Airlines

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